Preventive Wellness visit & VIP Physical

VIP Physical 2017



Preventive Wellness Visit

Your annual Preventive Wellness Visit consists of insurance covered preventive service based on the recommendations of the US Preventive Services Task Force.


Personalized HealthCare Recommendations

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

The CLINIX VIP Physical  

Glossy-Button-VIPThe VIP Physical is a complete cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health check-up and recommendation program created for people who want to improve or attain their optimal level of personal health and performance.

CLINIX has created a medical diagnostic recommendation concept that utilizes a comprehensive network of medical, health and fitness disciplines to generate a real time picture of your current health condition and to formulate a plan for future improvements which includes a personalized VIP book report of findings, one-on-one follow up & individualized care plan, one-on-one Therapeutic Lifestyle Session with coach!

 The Medical Evaluation and Blood Work will be billed to your insurance under your preventive benefits. 

The VIP Physical cost of $289 is for the additional VIP Testing, VIP Blood work, and VIP Lifestyle Managment which includes a personalized VIP "Report of Findings" Book (example above).

The following additional tests will be performed as part of your VIP Physical:

    VIP Testing                         

       Resting ECG

       Metabolic Evaluation

       Muscular Strength and Flexibility Evaluation

       Body Composition Evaluation (GOLD STANDARD = DEXA)

    VIP Blood Work

       Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

       Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

       Complete Blood Count (CBC)

       Vitamin D


    VIP Lifestyle Management!

       Personalized “VIP Report of Findings” Book

       One-on-one Therapeutic Lifestyle Session with Coach


VIP Physical "REPORT OF FINDINGS" Book sample:

Click to view a VIP "Report of Findings". Content Subject to change.



Following your testing, we will schedule you for your post-test report of your findings (please allow at least one hour for this appointment).

Your provider will present you with a VIP Physical "REPORT OF FINDINGS" BOOK where you will receive your personal wellness recommendations and diagnostic testing results.