Nutri- Scripts is Clinix's own line of Natural Supplements!


With so much processed food in the marketplace, obesity in adults and children dramatically on the rise, and digestive problems increasingly more common, it's clear that we're facing a serious food crisis in this country. The answer, however, isn't just to go on a diet. Reducing the intake of refined and processed foods and increasing whole foods certainly can improve one's health. But we need more.

Taking supplements daily is an inexpensive and easy way to be sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Dietary supplements have been shown to have positive benefits for your health too, but not all supplements are created equal.  Nutritional supplement manufacturers are not held to the same quality standards as pharmaceutical companies and therefore can be and some are dishonest in the actual ingredients and claims for their products. 

This is why CLINIX has decided to offer a comprehensive line of dietary supplements called Nutri-Scripts.   Our line of products comes from larger and well known manufacturers that follow Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and perform clinical studies on their products for quality and effectiveness.  Our dietary supplements have been chosen by a board of our own medical providers to ensure the best for our patients.

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