Serena Elhard


Serena Elhard, D.C.

Credentials: Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Specialties: Nutrition, Kinesiology, Athletes, Women’s Health, and Chronic Illness

Dr. Elhard provides chiropractic care with an extensive educational background in kinesiology (muscle testing) and the latest advances in nutrition and homeopathy. She specializes in the treatment of hormone, mood, brain, & immune imbalances, digestive issues, foot and knee biomechanics, chronic difficult pain cases, thyroid/adrenal fatigue and difficulty with sleep. FREE SEMINARS by Dr. Elhard:

  • Migraine Madness
  • Foot and Knee
  • The Digestion Question


She is a 1998 graduate of North Dakota State University and 2001 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN.  She grew up on a North Dakota farm and moved to Colorado for the mountains, city life, and skiing.  Activities that she enjoys today include skiing, roadbiking, running, and competitive dancing locally and across the country.  She currently dances eleven different types of dance. When she’s not out dancing, she enjoys being crafty, cooking, and doing nothing.

She treats beyond the spine to include extremities, TMJ and practices cranial-sacral therapy, as well as is trained in the Webster Technique for pregnancy and breech presentation.  Her athletic background allows her to provide simple, effective rehab recommendations or referral within her clinic to the clinic’s rehabilitative exercise therapist for more specific one-on-one and covered by your insurance.

To get more efficient results, Dr. Elhard places emphasis on a good thorough history and uses her kinesiology knowledge to figure out the source of your complaint. She combines a variety of adjusting methods suited for all ages, sizes or concerns with the use of hands on muscle techniques to restore circulation for removing inflammation and toxins and to remove a muscle’s memory to stay contracted. For abdominal complaints such as acid reflux and irritable bowel she incorporates visceral manipulation. Not only that, releasing muscular tension in the core abdominal region is effective for midback pain, headaches, neck pain and lowback pain or reoccurring rib problems. 




Course Completions of Interest: 

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Endocrinology (Testing and nutrition application for thyroid & hormone disorders)

Bioresource, Inc German Biological Medicine (Homeopathic remedy application for immune and inflammatory conditions)

CrossFit® Mobility Training (Rehab)

Functional Movement Restoration (Rehab & Fascia Release)

Rocktape® ( Kinesiotaping)

Rockblade® (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (Rehab)

Sole Supports® Custom Foot Orthotics

Mojo Feet® Custom Foot Orthotics & Inserts


Special Lab Testing Dr. Elhard works with:

Cyrex labs (Gluten sensitivity testing, Leaky Gut Testing)

Genova Diagnostics GI Effects Stool Testing (Gut Infection Testing)

ALCAT (General food & additives sensitivity testing)

Rhein Consulting Labs (Urine hormone testing)


FREE Foot & Knee Seminar

 Your feet are your foundation and can affect the rest of your structure, just like a building.FootKnee 

Would you like to:

  • Walk farther?
  • Run faster?
  • Eliminate pain?
  • Prevent foot, knee, leg or back injury?
  • Improve circulation?

You'll need this seminar if you have:

  • Any type of foot pain
  • Numbness or neuromas
  • Flat feet or high arches
  • Chronic ankle rolling or spraining
  • Shin splints
  • Illiotibial Band Syndrome or other leg pain
  • Knee or hip problems
  • Low back problems


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FREE Digestion Seminar

In this informational seminar, you will separate fact from fiction, and learn simple, effective and natural ways to improve your digestive health.

As a result of this seminar, you will:

•Gain knowledge in basic digestive anatomy
•Discover the underlying causes of your digestion problems
•Learn simple natural and holistic treatment options

Join Dr. Serena Elhard, Chiropractic Practioner at CLINIX for this informational seminar for your digestive health.

You'll need this FREE seminar if you have: 

  • Acid Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea