Clinix's effort towards Suicide Prevention

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I've felt the need to address Suicide after being at Clinix for a year and a half now. This has been a public health issue that I have been committed to reducing long before I arrived at Clinix. We are ALL touched and impacted by suicide in some way and sometimes it feels like it is happening on a daily basis. Below I wanted to share some excerpts from an article.


About 45,000 individuals in the United States took their own lives in 2016, and about half of them had no known mental health diagnosis at the time of death, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Suicide rates rose by approximately 30% across all age groups up to age 75 years.


Suicide is Preventable; that's why it is important to understand all the factors. Although mental health conditions often are seen as the cause of suicide, the results highlight the need to address other factors, including relationship problems, substance abuse, trouble with life transitions, and financial difficulties.


"If we only look at this as a mental health issue, we won't make the progress that we need," Dr. Schuchat from Family Practice News said. "Health care providers have an important role to play" to prevent those at risk for suicide from falling through the cracks". She noted the importance of protocols for patient safety and support, and she stressed that health providers should be especially vigilant during times of life transitions such as changes in relationship stages, leaving for college, retirement, financial insecu

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rity, or the loss of a loved one.


The truth is, being human can be hard - especially if we feel we must bear the weight of that difficulty on our own, and even more so when we believe it will never get easier. We can center ourselves in the understanding that suffering is universal, and that asking for support is a powerful act of strength through vulnerability.


My personal mission is to offer our patients the care and guidance they may need to help them cope through hard times and to help prevent suicide’s amongst our patient base, so if you want to talk I am here. Please call to schedule an appointment today (303)721-9984.


Jane Moore, LCSW