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CORHIO(Colorado Regional Health Information Organization) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality for all Coloradans through Health Information Exchange (HIE). CORHIO is the state-designated entity for Health Information Exchange.


About Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange is a method to electronically share personal health and medical information securely between doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers when it is needed for patient care. Health information is protected and exchanged under medical privacy and confidentiality standard procedures. Secure electronic Health Information Exchange allows patients and physicians to make sure that patient health information is available when and where it is needed.

Health Information Exchange improves patient safety and the quality of care you receive. Health care providers need all of your health information to provide you with an accurate diagnosis or treatment(s). Each of your providers may have different portions of your medical record. However, with access to each other's records and more complete health information, they can provide you with better care. Sharing your health information can also help reduce your costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures.

Through CORHIO’s health information exchange, some of your medical information is transmitted electronically and shared for treatment and healthcare operations within Clinix and other authorized health care provider organizations participating in the CORHIO health information exchange. This exchange enables emergency medical personnel and other providers who are treating you to have immediate access to your medical data that may be critical for your care.

When your health information is shared electronically, it is tracked so that information such as the person accessing it, the types of data accessed, as well as how and when it was used, is stored, making it harder for someone to misuse your medical information than when it is on paper or faxed.

Obligations of CORHIO and Participating Health Care Providers

CORHIO and all organizations participating in the exchange must comply with applicable state and federal laws that protect the privacy and security of medical and personal information.

Your Rights to Access Your Medical Information that is Being Exchanged

Under HIPAA guidelines, you have the right to access and receive a copy of your medical information.  Additionally, you have the right to receive accounting of how your medical information has been disclosed as part of Health Information Exchange. Please talk to your health care provider if you wish to receive a copy of your medical information and/or a report on how it has been disclosed in the Health Information Exchange.

“Opting Out” of the CORHIO Health Information Exchange

Participation in this Health Information Exchange program is voluntary and your decision to participate or not will not impact your health plan benefits. If you do not want other physicians and other participating health care providers outside of Clinix to access your Electronic Health Information for treatment purposes, you may “opt out” of this program by filling out a Health Information Exchange Opt-Out Request Form provided by your health care provider.