Patient Portal FAQ

Frequently Asked Patient Portal Questions

1. Patient Messages

Any Patient messages recieved after hours will be adressed on the following business day by 12pm. If this is a urgent message, please contact our After Hours line at (303)956-6114

2. I don't have a patient portal account. How do I create one?

 New Patients, you will recieve an email invitation from Clinix to set up your Patient Portal account. This is a special email invitation link, just for you.

3. "I can't login to my Clinix Patient Portal account"

We can not reset your password, if you forgot your login account info. You have the option of registering through your Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, FollowMyHealth or Facebook account. We can not reset these accounts for you. We do not have access. We can see which account you have registered with, if you need a reminder. 

4. How do I get the most out of my patient portal? What can the Clinix Patient Portal do for me?

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