Cynthia Cortini


Cynthia Cortini, D.C.

Credentials: Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Specialties: Women’s Health, N.A.E.T. (Natural Allergy Elimination Therapy), Acupuncture, Nutrition, Chronic Illness

Dr. Cortini's philosophy of practice encourages looking for the original cause behind the symptoms. Allergy elimination is a protocol that can resolve underlying reasons for the pain or chronic problem.

Through complete history and laboratory tests as well as neuromuscular sensitivity testing, a purposeful strategy is determined for the best patient care management. The patient is afforded chiropractic and acupuncture treatment and appropriate nutritional support for best results.


Posted On
Aug 18, 2011
Posted By
Megan T
RE: Cynthia Cortini
Dr. Cortini is a wealth of knowledge, her specialties seem to be endless. If you are wary of chiropractors, this is the lady for you! I went to her for NAET, as well, which is natural allergy elimination therapy. Also, she does acupuncture and it is quite relaxing.
Posted On
Jan 10, 2012
Posted By
bonnie arnold
RE: RE: Cynthia Cortini
I'm curious how successful the allergy elimination therapy was? I have Gluten and Dairy allergies.
Posted On
Aug 24, 2012
Posted By
Rhonda Spellman
RE: RE: RE: Cynthia Cortini
From our personal experience, Dr. Cortini has been able to remove virtually every known allergy (including eggs for me). Some things are not 'allergies' and you might continue to have issues.

My son has an intolerance to wheat (after being mercury poisoned from an immunization) but his dairy, egg, soy and corn allergies were ALL successfully removed by Dr. Cortini. What a life changer!

My friend Lydia referred me to Dr. Cortini after being 100% healed from wheat, dairy, corn, peanut, coconut, strawberry and several other food and outdoor allergies. This poor gal used to wear an EpiPin. It sounded too good to be true but we are living proof! You have virtually nothing to loose (a co-pay) and everything to gain!
~Rhonda Spellman
Posted On
Aug 24, 2012
Posted By
Rhonda Spellman
RE: Cynthia Cortini
Dr. Cortini is SO much more than a NAET doctor, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist... she is an incredible person who has been our "go to" person for countless maladies for nearly 10 years. On a scale from 1 - 10 she's a 12. She's THE best and we dearly love her.

~Rhonda Spellman and family

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